WHAT DO YOU REPORT THROUGH 1099 DIV FORM? Did you had withheld and paid any foreign tax on dividends? If your answer is “yes”, then you need to report the payment made on withheld of foreign tax through the Form 1099 DIV. Doesn’t know about the payments which are reported through 1099 DIV Form. Don’t get panic! We are here to let u know about what is a 1099 DIV Form, what type of payments reported through 1099 DIV Form, when you receive 1099 DIV Form, what should you do after receiving 1099 DIV Form and what are the copies of the 1099 DIV Form.


What is a 1099 DIV Form?

1099 DIV Form is a Dividends and distributions Form. This is an Internal Revenue Service Form which is received by the Tax payers. Tax payers need to file 1099 DIV Form when they receive dividends and distributions from any type of investments made in banks or any other financial institutions in a calendar year.

What are the conditions to file the 1099 DIV Form?

If the below conditions met, then you need to file your 1099 DIV Form.

  • Dividends of $10 or more earned through investments in a calendar year.
  • $600 or more paid to a person or an entity as a part of liquidation.
  • Other distributions on stock of $10 or more paid to an individual or an entity.
  • Federal income tax on dividends withheld under backup withholding rules.
  • Foreign tax on dividends withheld and paid and other distributions on stock.

 When do you receive a 1099 DIV Form?

If a person or an entity pays you dividends for the investment made in a calendar year, then you receive a 1099 DIV Form.

What are the uses of 1099 Tax Form?

Tax payers use IRS 1099 DIV Form to:

  1. To calculate the income received annually.
  2. Type of the income.
  3. Impact of DIV Form in the tax bill.

Where do you report the IRS 1099 DIV Form?

Each 1099 DIV Form should be reported on an investor’s tax filing. Investor’s may receive multiple DIV Forms.

If the cumulative dividend is less than $10, then do you need to file 1099 DIV Form?

The answer is “No”. There is no need to report the dividends received less than $10 to the IRS. If you receive cumulative dividends more than $10 annually, then you need to file 1099 DIV Form.

What should you do after receiving 1099 DIV Form?

If you made investments in mutual funds of a company, bank or any other financial institutions, then you receive a 1099 DIV Form from them. If you receive dividends and capital gains from the invested company or an entity, then you need to report these payments received through 1099 DIV Form. After receiving the IRS Form 1099 DIV, you need to report this information along with the annual tax form.

When should a 1099 Form filed?

If the tax payer’s made any investments in mutual funds of a company or in banks or in any financial institutions, then they must receive the 1099 DIV Form by the end of January i.e. January 31st. The IRS Form 1099 DIV must filed by the tax payer by the end of March i.e. March 31st (if filed electronically).

What are the types of 1099 DIV Form tax payers receive?

Mostly the tax payers who receive a 1099 DIV Form will have ordinary dividends, qualified dividends, or total capital gains.

Ordinary dividends: If a share holder receives profit on invested shares in a company periodically, then it is considered as “Ordinary dividend”. These type of dividends taxed as ordinary income.

 Ordinary dividends are classified into two categories: qualified dividends, non-qualified dividends. Qualified dividends the earrings received from an American company or a qualified foreign company. Qualified dividends taxed at the lower capital gains rate.

Total capital gains: if the capital asset value increases, then it is considered as “Capital gain”. Capital gains may be short term or long term. A short term capital gain may held for one year or less.

If you made investment in a company and receives dividends, then how many 1099 DIV copies does the company issues?

If you are receiving dividends from a company where you made investments, then the company issues two copies of 1099 DIV forms. The first copy sent to the investor before January 31st and the second copy to the IRS.

What are the copies of 1099 DIV Form?

The IRS Form 1099 DIV has three copies. They are:

Copy A used for informational purpose only should not printed.

Copy B has two parts which can downloaded and printed. One for the recipient and the other copy attached to tax return form for the State Tax Department.

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