Federal 1099 Misc Form Information | What Is IRS 1099 Misc Form?

Federal 1099 Misc Form Information: Did you pay an independent contractor of $600 for machine rent? Then you need to report the payments under rents category through 1099 MISC Form. 1099 MISC Form is used to report miscellaneous income paid to independent contractors during the calendar year to the IRS.

Federal 1099 Misc Form Information | What Is IRS 1099 Misc Form?

Doesn’t know about what is an IRS 1099 MISC Form? We’ll let you know about 1099 MISC Form payments information, uses of 1099 MISC Form and advantages to the payee and how to fill out 1099 MISC Form.

What information does 1099 MISC Form report?

A 1099 MISC form serves similar purpose like W-2 Form. 1099 MISC Form issued to an independent contractor where as W-2 Form is issued to employees. Form 1099 MISC is used report the total amount of payments paid to an individual person or an entity during the tax year. It also includes some of your personal information like your name, address or TIN etc. 1099 MISC form classifies each type of payment in separate boxes depending on the reason for your payment.

Generally, if you perform services as an independent contractor then you’ll receive 1099 MISC Form. Independent contractors include the miscellaneous income received when filing their tax return forms respectively.

Who is responsible for preparing 1099 MISC Form?

Depending on the payments you receive from different individuals during the calendar year, you may receive more than one 1099 MISC form. Each taxpayer must complete 1099 MISC form:

  • The miscellaneous income paid is more than $600 during the year.
  • Payments made for oil, gas or other mineral properties or intellectual property of about $10 in a tax year.
  • If the payer made direct sales of $5,000 or more, consumer products for resell.
  • Payments made to an independent contractor must be an individual, sole proprietorship or an LLC.
  • Independent contractor income paid for performing business or trade related services.

What is the use of 1099 MISC Form?

As an independent contractor or a self-employed individual, you report all the earnings on your income tax return. If you’re self employed, you need to report 1099 MISC income on a schedule C attached along with your income tax return.

Additionally, you’re responsible for Social and Medicare taxes. These taxes calculated on schedule SE and attached along with your tax return.

1099 MISC Tax Form payee advantages

There are some tax advantages on earning independent contractor income through 1099 MISC Form. The major benefit is as an independent contractor, you have more freedom than a employee. You can claim deductions that related to your profession.

For example: If you won a prize in the lottery, you usually have the ability to claim the deduction for it. Furthermore, since you’re not subjected to backup withholding, you must make an estimated tax payment throughout the year. But since you can calculate exactly what you owe, you can make sure that don’t pay too much income tax during the year.

How to get a 1099 MISC Form?

1099 Forms are available mostly at office stores or you can order them online. You can get your Form 1099 online MISC. The first thing you need to do is search the best IRS authorized e-file provider. Since, you provide information which treats as official then you need to be secure to transfer the information. Through IRS certified e-file provider the information submit to the IRS with safe and secured manner. The IRS certified e-file providers provide 256-bit security encryption through which the information stored in a secure manner.

Note: Don’t download 1099 MISC Form through online. IRS doesn’t accepts forms submitted through online.

Filling out 1099 MISC Form information

Form 1099 MISC is comprised of 17 boxes. The form also contains boxes for reporting payers and recipient personal details.

Boxes for reporting payer information

Enter your information such as Name, Address, City or Town, State, Postal code and phone number and TIN.

Boxes for reporting payee information

Enter your recipient TIN or EIN or SSN. Enter your recipient Name, Address and phone number.

Fill out the boxes

1099 MISC Form contains the following boxes

  • Box 1 used to report rents paid for real estate, machine etc. of about $600 or more.
  • Report royalties paid for oil, gas or other minerals of about $10 or more in box 2.
  • Box 3 used to report other income like prizes and awards for not performing services of about $600 or more.
  • Report federal tax withholding under backup withholding rules through box 4.
  • Box 5 used to report fish boat proceeds paid to the person who is engaged in catching fish of more than $600.
  • Use box 6 to report medical and care payments made to the person who performed services of about $600 or more.
  • Report direct sales of $5,000 or more of consumer products for resale in box 7.
  • Box 8 used to report substitute lieu of dividends of at least $10 or more.
  • Use box 9 to report crop insurance proceeds paid to the farmers of about $600 or more.
  • Box 10 used to report gross proceeds paid to attorney’s in connection with legal services.
  • Use to report section 409-A deferrals of non-employees of about $600.
  • Box 13 used to report payments made for excess golden parachute payments.
  • Box 14 used to report non-qualified deferred compensation.
  • Boxes 15-17 used to report state information which include state taxes withheld, state ID and name of the state.

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